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29 November 2019 – These titles are not yet published. We decide on the number to print based on the orders we have received prior to printing plus a small additional number. Therefore it is very helpful if you place orders before we go to print. This helps us avoid over or under stocking new titles  Please see below for approximate publication dates. The pictures of these titles are shown in alphabetical order (by the code, not the title). Please note that the dates for publication are guides only unless a title is shown as printing. Please keep a record of all Books Not Yet Published you are ordering so that you don’t order a title more than once unless you really want to.

A Refuge for the Chalet School – printing now – this is due in today (29 November 2019) and copies will start to be sent out on Tuesday 3 December (we are not posting today/Monday because of Black Friday / Cyber Monday)

The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories (Volume One) February 2020
The Cricket Term February or March 2020

It would be very helpful if you could order these now.