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9 August 2019 – the pictures of these titles are shown in alphabetical order (by the code, not the title). Please note that the dates for publication are guides only unless a title is shown as printing. Please also note that The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories will not be published until February 2020. We would like you to order it now, but please don’t expect it until next February. Please keep a record of all Forthcoming titles you are ordering.

The Geography Readers Vol 1 printing now – mid-late August
The Chalet School in Exile printing now – end August
Cilia of Chilterns’ Edge September
Redshank’s Warning September
Theodora and the Chalet School October
Highland Holiday November

The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories (Volume One) February 2020

It would be very helpful if you could order these now.