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AF The Ready-Made Family by Antonia Forest


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Marlows No 7

GGBP first published this in 2003. It is Easter and Nicola, Lawrie, Ginty and Ann arrive home to be joined almost immediately by their eldest sister Karen. Karen announces that she is giving up her history degree at Oxford (funded by a much-lauded scholarship) to marry Edwin Dodd, a widower and father to three children: Rose (ten), Chas (nine) and Phoebe (‘Fob’, five). Karen marries Edwin and they move in with the Marlows whilst Edwin searches for a house near his new job as county archivist at Streweminster. Rose becomes attached to Mrs Marlow and, distraught at the prospect of moving, runs away to her former home in Oxford. Nicola learns of this and follows her, to discover Rose in the company of a sinister figure called Uncle Gerry, who claims Rose’s mother is still alive. Rose, naive and grief-stricken, believes this until she sees a For Sale sign on the family’s former house. She and Nicola escape, running into Edwin, who has been alerted by a telegram from Nicola.

Sue Sims has written our introduction.

The Ready-Made Family was published on 23 March 2021.



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Sue Sims, Antonia Forest