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CS 49 Chalet School Triplets by Elinor Brent-Dyer


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The Maynard Triplets are all delighted when Margot is invited by Emerence Hope to visit Australia in the near future, but the holiday excitement is soon forgotten when Len and Con have a ski-ing adventure which very nearly ends in tragedy. After many other happenings, including Junior Middles lost in the woods, Betty Landon being knocked unconscious by a bookend, an unhappy adventure (with a happy ending) in a Lausanne department store, in all of which the Triplets are involved, Dr Maynard takes them on a day trip to Berne. Even this is marred on their return by the disappearance of their little sister Cecil, but like their mother, the irrepressible Joey, the Triplets are a match for everything and everybody.

Adrianne Fitzpatrick has written the introduction.

GGBP published Triplets on 8th November 2013.

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Adrianne Fitzpatrick, Elinor Brent-Dyer