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EBD Condor Crags Adventure by Elinor Brent-Dyer


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We announced this in May, because we have no idea how many copies might be ordered. There is a great divide about whether Elinor Brent-Dyer should ever have tried her hand at adventure stories – will you love Condor Crags or hate it? It features Godfrey Chudleigh (and so is connected to Chudleigh Hold) and also others from Fardingales and The Susannah Adventure. But unlike these, Condor Crags is set in the Argentine.
Godfrey, paying one of his annual business trips there, finds that the family’s possession of an Inca treasure leads to his own kidnapping. Life gets more complicated when a local volcano erupts. In the end he is rescued by his brother Hawk and friends Humphrey, Anthony, Tom Vinton and Hernon.
Clarissa Cridland is writing an introduction comparing Condor Crags to adventure stories written by Enid Blyton and W E Johns, in particular those set in out of the way places.
   Condor Crags will be published in October.

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