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CS 04a The Chalet School and Cornelia by Katherine Bruce


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It is Cornelia Flower’s first term at her new school, and she is determined that it won’t be boring. Her penchant for unique and original practical jokes endears her to the other members of her form, but she runs into trouble with mistresses and prefects alike. Thanks to a series of misunderstandings, she finds herself at odds with almost everyone, but in the end a terrifying adventure forces Cornelia to appreciate the Chalet School and helps her to find her place within it.
The Chalet School and Cornelia takes place during the same term as that described in the second half of The Head Girl of the Chalet School.
7 December: The cover is not yet finished. Ken is working on it now but it will take a little while. The text is finished and now being copy-edited (I am reading it now and really enjoying it). The Chalet School and Cornelia will be published at the end of March 2019



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