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CS 09a The Chalet School Annexe by Adrianne Fitzpatrick


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When ten-year-old Robin Humphries is deemed too delicate to return to the Chalet School on the shores of the Tiernsee (despite its well-deserved reputation for making the health of its pupils the highest priority), the solution is obvious: open an Annexe on the Sonnalpe, close to the famous Sanatorium, to accommodate those girls who would benefit from closer medical supervision. A number of the younger and frailer members of the Chalet School are transferred to the new branch, along with a dozen or so new pupils. Three Old Girls—Juliet Carrick, Grizel Cochrane and Gertrude Steinbrücke—are brought in as Staff, and the term looks set to be an exciting time for all. Not all of the girls are happy at being removed from the bustle of the main School, and tensions between the ‘old hands’ and the new girls run high; but they all soon learn that life on the mountain has its own excitements as well as rewards.
The Chalet School Annexe is set in the same term as The Exploits of the Chalet Girls.
The Chalet School Annexe was published on 11th December 2018.


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Adrianne Fitzpatrick