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CS 16+ Flight of a Chalet School Girl by Katherine Bruce


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CS No 16+

Elisaveta is delighted to visit the Tiernsee and her old school-mate, Jo Bettany, and to show a group of friends that includes her new fiancé, Raphael the Duc di Mirolani, the places where she spent happy times at the Chalet School. Several months later, Jo comes to Firarto to act as chief bridesmaid for the wedding of Elisaveta and Raphael, and the joyous occasion is celebrated by the citizens of both Belsornia and Mirania. Over the following years, Jo and Elisaveta exchange their concerns as war breaks across Europe, while also sharing the news of their growing families.
War comes to Belsornia at last, and Raphael arranges for Elisaveta’s escape to England with their children, but this is thwarted by a traitor who blocks the royal party’s journey to safety. Instead, Elisaveta, accompanied by her maid and her three children begin an epic journey from Turkey, across the Mediterranean to North Africa, trying to get the Chalet School’s new home in Armiford.
Dangers confront of the small group of Belsornians at every turn. They soon find that, while some people are willing to help them with food or shelter, others are all too willing to turn the refugees over to the authorities, or simply turn them away empty-handed as they make their way across North Africa, and finally across the Sea again to neutral Portugal, selling the last of their possessions to afford safe passage to England.
Elisaveta’s story is told briefly in the hardback and GGBP editions of The Highland Twins at the Chalet School, and this book explores more about the people that Elisaveta met and the friendship or dangers that they presented. 

Flight of a Chalet School Girl is printing now and will be published in August. 

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