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MS MB 03 Dark Danger by Malcolm Saville


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Dark Danger is the third title in the Marston Baines series.
The third of the series of Secret Service thrillers featuring Marston Baines and his three undergraduate friends is a splendid and worthy sequel to Three Towers in Tuscany and The Purple Valley. This time the scene is set in Venice and Rome where a sinister gang is plotting international blackmail. Crime on this scale is bad enough, but the cult of Satanism, now gaining ground in Europe, strengthens the hands of the criminals in their determination to wrest a scientific secret from a man who would rather die than disclose it for unworthy ends.
Against this pattern of the endless war against the forces of darkness, young love and courage play a vital part. Francesca, the beautiful Italian girl whom Patrick finds so attractive, is obviously under some evil influence. Simon Baines goes to Patrick’s help but before he arrives in Venice Francesca’s father receives a mysterious telephone call, leaves hurriedly for Rome, and vanishes – this is where Marston Baines steps in.
Dark Danger is not only an intensely exciting, fast-moving story but it offers something unusual. The scene against which it is set is vividly described ad obviously well known to the author, but what is more important is the way in which the conflict between good and evil – of the forces of light and the powers of darkness – is shown through the action of the characters.
Malcolm Saville has proved himself to be a great story teller. This book places him firmly in the top rank of those writers for young people who believe their audience will appreciate more in a story than just a competent narrative.
Stephen Bigger has written our introduction and publishing history.
Dark Danger was published on 21st August 2018.

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