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CS 02c Deira Joins the Chalet School by Caroline German


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It looked to be a jolly school in a pleasant setting, and if she had been given the opportunity of a holiday at the Tiern See, she would have jumped at it. But boarding school? Not for an O’Hagan!’

Motherless from birth, fifteen-year-old Deira O’Hagan is suddenly plucked from her tiny day-school in London and sent to Austria to become a boarder at the Chalet School. Accustomed to the adulation of the younger girls, who admire her vivid personality and Irish good looks, not to mention her reputation for outrageous pranks, she struggles to adjust to her new environment, not helped by some unexpected changes in her home circumstances. At the Chalet School Deira finds that the Staff expect her to work hard at her lessons, the Seniors are nonplussed by the arrival of such a firebrand in their midst and the Juniors are too preoccupied with their own concerns to be interested in a mere new girl. As for the Middles, though – that would be telling!

Deira Joins the Chalet School tracks Deira’s progress through the course of her first term and shows how the influence of staff and girls, plus the ups and downs of everyday school life, gradually combine to turn her into something more like a true Chalet School girl.

Caroline German, author of The Chalet School and Robin and Juliet of the Chalet School both of which sold out incredibly quickly, has written another terrific fill-in story.

It’s set in 1927 and is one of the three missing terms between Jo of and Princess. The sequence goes:

  • Jo of the Chalet School
  • The Guides of the Chalet School
  • Juliet of the Chalet School
  • Deira Joins the Chalet School
  • The Princess of the Chalet School

Deira Joins the Chalet School was published in September 2010. We have just 4 copies left in stock.

Review “All I can say is that she has done it again. Caroline German has written another wonderful addition to the Chalet School saga and I thank her so much.” Elisabeth Parsons

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