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JS Crooked Sixpence


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Penny Series No 6

Crooked Sixpence is actually the sixth and last title of the Penny series, but we are publishing it first because it is so rare. If you have not read any of the Penny series before, that will not spoil your enjoyment of this book.

After a jaunt to Austria, the Carters and Mallorys are back in Friars Combe,  near Bath, where there are many mysterious things going on. Why was old Mr Gauntlett, who had always been so well-beloved, suddenly inundated by a spate of anonymous letters, presumably from his villagers, bidding him pack up and be gone? And what was the mystery of the Villain Field? Did it … ? Was it …? Penny’s hobby of coin collecting was largely responsible for answering both these questions.

Ian Evans, son of Jane Shaw, has written our introduction, and we shall also be including a short story, ‘Crooks’ Limited’

Illustrated by Gilbert Dunlap, the book includes a colour frontispiece, which we shall reproduce on our back cover and which you can see here.

Crooked Sixpence was published on 22 June 2021.





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