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MS LP 16 Man With Three Fingers by Malcolm Saville


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Man With Three Fingers, an exciting, fast-moving story, is the 16th book in the Lone Pine series. Tom Ingles, now getting restless with the life on the farm, gets a lift on a London-bound lorry driven on its night journey by one of his new friends. An attack on the lorry introduces the vivid, topical plot set against the Shropshire Hills. The Lone Piners soon become involved in the thrilling consequences as they gather again at Witchend for the summer holidays.

But Man With Three Fingers is more than a run of the mill adventure story. The Lone Piners who over the years have shared so many adventures with so many readers have now, for some time, adapted themselves to the 1960s. The older members of the Club, David and Petronella and more recently Jon and Penny, have discovered what they mean to each other, and now it is the turn of Tom and Jenny …

Tony Gillam has provided the introduction.

GGBP published The Man With Three Fingers on 19th November 2013.

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Malcolm Saville