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CS Con CS 17 The Lost Staircase by Elinor Brent-Dyer


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GGBP first published The Lost Staircase in 2004, and we are delighted to be reprinting it 14 years later. From the cover, you might think it is an historical novel – it is not, it is a definite Chalet School connector.
This is the book in which we first meet Jesanne Gellibrand and her friend Lois Bennet who later join the Chalet School in Lavender. In Jo to the Rescue we learn that author Josephine M Bettany is writing the story of ‘The Lost Staircase’. In Mystery Jesanne is Head Girl, and in Tom Tackles we learn that Jesanne and Lois are in New Zealand on business connected to Jesanne’s father’s farm.
 The Lost Staircase sees Jesanne come from New Zealand to the Dragon House, her ancestral home. Here she meets Lois, who is to join her for lessons. Miss Mercier, however, is not a popular governess. Over Christmas, Jesanne joins in all the rituals of the Dragon House and learns about the lost staircase, which she and Lois set out to find. Katherine Bruce has written a very moving short story about the first Christmas at the Dragon House, after Sir Ambrose’s death. NB His death is mentioned in Lavendar Laughs in the Chalet School.
   The Lost Staircase was published on 3rd August 2018.

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Katherine Bruce, Elinor Brent-Dyer