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GGBP will now be closed until Monday 28th April (the website will be checked daily but not by us).

16th April: I am so sorry to have been so absent, but I have been deep in funerals, and when at my desk have had to finish the FOCS magazine and also the May parish magazine. We also had a wedding on Saturday, the bride had been a member of the congregation since babyhood, so it was lovely. I went to the reception for a bit and it was a really lovely tea party with sandwiches and cakes. Yesterday, went to the service in Wells Cathedral where we renew our vows and where the oils for use with the sick and at baptisms etc were blessed. Ann is completely up to date with all orders today (ie those which have arrived here before 4.00 pm). Also The Chalet School and Barbara by Elinor Brent-Dyer and Rye Royal by Malcolm Saville have now been sent to the printers and will be delivered here on 13th May. Am just about to close computer for the rest of Holy Week, and will be back on April 28th after post-Easter break.

2nd April: Yesterday, The Feud in the Fifth Remove by Elinor Brent-Dyer and Trouble at Melville Manor by Mabel Esther Allan arrived. Pre-ordered copies will be sent asap. Today I have just uploaded The Chalet School Encyclopaedia Volume Two which will be published in late July (it will be very helpful to have orders early for this one). Still v busy in the parish. I have prepared one funeral, more or less finished another, and may have a third. And there is a lot of other things as well. But I am also progressing nicely with the FOCS magazine, and Ann is up to date with orders. I had a chat to Mark yesterday about the website, and I should definitely be seeing something in the next week or so and then hopefully it will be able to be up after my post Easter break.

Books Printing Now (Delivery 13th May)
The Chalet School and Barbara by Elinor Brent-Dyer
Rye Royal by Malcolm Saville

Books Delivered on 1st April
Feud in the Fifth Remove by Elinor Brent-Dyer
Trouble at Melville Manor by Mabel Esther Allan  

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