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Books Coming Soon

18 April 2024 – We shall be publishing the titles here over the next few months. We decide on the number to print based on the orders we have received prior to printing plus a small additional number. Therefore it is very helpful if you place orders before we go to print. This helps us avoid over or under stocking new titles
Please see below for approximate publication dates. The pictures of these titles are shown in code order. Please note that the dates for publication are very much guides only unless a title is shown as printing. Please keep a record of all Books Coming Soon you are ordering so that you don’t order a title more than once unless you really want to.
Please see the information for details of where we are in production by clicking on the picture of a title.

Titles Coming in May – June 2024
A Future Chalet School Girl by Elinor Brent-Dyer
Autumn Term by Antonia Forest
The Joy of the Snow by Elizabeth Goudge

Title Coming in June – July 2024
Millies of the Chalet School by Sarah Wright

It would be very helpful if you could order titles shown here now.