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Adrianne Fitzpatrick has worked in publishing for almost 30 years, first in Australia and now in the UK. She has written and been published in a wide range of genres, and is known to us for her many short stories and articles on all things Chalet School, and especially for her well-reviewed fill-in book Champion of the Chalet School. Two of her Chalet stories are still in print: ‘Snowbound’ (The Rivals of the Chalet School); ‘Felicity’s Jonah Day’ (The Chalet School Triplets). She has also written an article on fictional matrons for Princess and one on EBD and Theatre for Jane.

Adrianne has an honours degree in Creative Writing and English Language from the Open University. Adrianne has recently graduated from the Open University with an honours degree in Creative Writing and English Language. She lives alone with her cat, Bailey, and when well enough (she suffers from M.E.) spends her spare moments enjoying crochet and other handicrafts.

This page includes the books in which Adrianne’s short stories and articles appear, as well as Champion of the Chalet School which she has written. Pleae note that The New Mistress at the Chalet School will be published in August 2020.