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Lisa’s love of girls’ boarding school stories began as a child when she first discovered Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers. She was extremely disappointed when her mother told her that the school was not real, and as a result she could not go there! During her teenage years, Lisa’s love of girls’ school stories expanded to a fascination with women’s experiences within closed hierarchical environments generally—schools, hospitals, prisons, convents, royal courts—which naturally morphed into an academic interest in women’s history.

Lisa’s first attempt at writing a school story occurred during her stay in Australia, as part of a school assignment. School story settings continued to be a favourite for creative writing exercises during GCSE and A-level, no doubt aided by the fact that she was attending boarding school herself. Fiction writing of any kind ceased during her university years, but the discovery of Girlsown and Chalet School forums online drew her back. The result was her first Chalet School fill-in, A Difficult Term for the Chalet School, being reprinted now. This was followed by a number of short stories in GGBP reprints—usually set during the Swiss books, as this period of Chalet School history remains her first love. This page includes both books Lisa has written, and also those for which she has written short stories which are in print.