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CS 19+ The Bettany Twins and the Chalet School by Helen Barber


Which Bettany Twins? Read below …

It’s 1944. A world war is raging and the girls of the Chalet School are determined to play their part. But for Peggy and Bride Bettany, there is exciting news: their father Dick, twin brother of the School’s founder, is on his way back from India in spite of the war, and with him will be their mother and the young brother and sister they have never met. How will they adjust to living together as a family under one roof – First Twins Peggy and Rix, singletons Bride and Jackie, and Second Twins Maeve and Maurice? How will Maeve settle in at the Chalet School, so different from anything she has ever known? And what is the reason for the mysterious burglaries at the new Bettany home, The Quadrant?

Helen’s latest contribution to the annals of the Chalet School is a typical EBD mix of school, family and adventure. It answers many of the questions fans have been asking years. How could Dick resign his job in India in Tom but still have it in Three Go? How did eight-year-old Maeve react to being given woolly reins as a welcome-home gift? Did Peggy really ‘come the eldest sister’ over Maeve, as suggested in The Wrong Chalet School, or was Maeve simply reacting to having an elder sister at all? And why, oh why, was Dick returning to England when clearly it is still the middle of the Second World War?

Three sets of Bettany twins: Madge and Dick, Peggy and Rix, Maeve and Maurice. One Chalet School, the pivot around which their lives revolve. And a most intriguing quest!

The Bettany Twins and the Chalet School was published on 16th October 2020.


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