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CS 46 The Chalet School Wins The Trick by Elinor Brent-Dyer


CS No 46

Audrey, Solange, Val, Celia and Win were up in arms against the Chalet School, after Miss Dene had caught them lighting their first Camp Fire on the cricket pitch. Gradually the elder four came to their senses after some encounters with the Middles, but little Win was to take much longer.

Sarah Wright, one of our new authors, has written the short story, ‘A Time to Heal’. The story tells how Maria Marani is transformed from the sad-faced woman described in A Problem for the Chalet School into the ‘awfully jolly’ Mme Maclaren encountered by Solange in The Chalet School Wins the Trick. The action takes place during The New Mistress at the Chalet School.

The Armada edition had minor, frequent, cuts.

This is the first time of publishing for GGBP.

The Chalet School Wins The Trick was published on 17 November 2022.







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Elinor Brent-Dyer