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EBD Stepsisters for Lorna by Elinor Brent-Dyer


Stepsisters for Lorna was first published in 2004. Lorna’s aunt, Kath Arnold, is troubled by the news that Lorna’s mother is going to marry again, and her new husband has two daughters, Rosemary and Marigold Corbett, who are in desperate need of schooling after a series of ineffectual governesses. Lorna’s mother believes that much the best thing for the two girls will be for them to be enrolled at Wynyards, the well-known day school where Lorna goes. In turn that means that Rosemary and Marigold will live at the Arnolds’ house, just as Lorna does. Even as Aunt Kath is wondering how best to break the news to Lorna, the job is taken out of her hands. Rosemary writes to Lorna to welcome her into their family. Lorna is deeply upset. It is less than a year since her father died and she does not like the idea of acquiring two stepsisters who will live with her at all. But a year with the Arnolds has taught Lorna unselfishness and she prepares to make the best of things. Things might have gone smoothly, for Rosemary turns out to be friendly, and eager-to-please. But Marigold is the complete opposite.

We have included a short story by Amy Fletcher ‘Summer Holiday’ with this new edition. It is long for a short story but gives us an insight into how Amy will write her new Lorna fill-in.

Stepsisters for Lorna was published on 3 May 2023.




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Amy Fletcher, Elinor Brent-Dyer