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Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories 02 (Volume Two) by Sue Sims and Hilary Clare


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This information is the same for all three volumes of The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories.
The Encyclopaedia of Girls’ School Stories is going to have to be in three volumes, not two as we originally thought.
Each volume will have 224 pages + 8 pages in full-colour + a full-colour cover. There will be over 300 black-and-white pictures per volume (I have not counted yet) + 32 in full colour + the cover.

3 April 2020 The contents of each volume will be as follows, and I have indicated what still needs to be done:

Volume One
Preface – completed
Acknowledgements – completed
Typesetting The Encyclopaedia still to be written
Introduction – completed
The Critical Response – Re-written, still to be edited and then illustrated
Researching The Encyclopaedia – completed
Apologia and Explanation – completed
Authors A-F – completed though F may move to Volume Two
Adult School Fiction – completed
8 page colour section with 32 colour illustrations – illustrations to be chosen

Volume Two
Authors G-M – completed
Annuals – partly done
Ballet and Stage School Stories – completed
College Stories – completed
Convent School Stories – completed
Early School Stories – completed
Evangelistic School Stories – completed
8 page colour section with 32 colour illustrations – illustrations to be chosen

Volume Three
Authors N-Z (NB there are no entries for the Letters X or Z)
Girl’s Own Paper – completed
Girls’ School Story Papers – completed
Guide School Stories – completed
Historical and Fantasy School Stories – completed
Little Folks – completed
Modern School Stories – completed
Pony School Stories – completed
Scottish School Stories – text needs to be finished and awaiting illustrations
General Bibliography – awaiting illustrations
8 page colour section with 32 colour illustrations – illustrations to be chosen

Other Things Still To Be Done
A lot of proof reading back this week, and corrections need to be inserted. Some proof reading being done now.
We need to sort out a cover for Volume Three, and probably look at the colouring again for the covers of Volumes One and Two.

What Needs To Be Done Once Typesetting Finished
At the moment, everything apart from the colour illustrations, is in one complete document (two copies of it in case anything goes wrong). I need to print this out, check everything myself, and correct any mistakes. Then I need to divide this into the three Volumes, print out and send copies to Sue, Hilary, Tig (who has edited) and Lyn (since she has provided so many of the illustrations). They need then to go through everything and check it, returning to me for corrections. At the same time, I am going to ask the chap at the printers who prepares printers’ proofs to make sure that all the illustrations are of a high enough quality.

Publication Schedule
Volume One will be published in July 2020.
Volume Two will be published in September 2020.
Volume Three will be published in November 2020.

We need to have enough orders to print each volume, but we shall have plenty in stock to supply those who cannot afford to buy all three volumes now.

I am really sorry that all this has taken so long – I had just no idea how long it would take and also did have a few problems along the way.



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