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JS Northmead Nuisance by Jane Shaw


Northmead Series No 2

“You would think it was the easiest thing in the world to get yourself  expelled from school; but it wasn’t, it was jolly difficult!” This, surprisingly, was the conclusion to which Gail Lester came after repeated efforts to get herself disgraced at Northmead. She and her twin brother Michael were sent to separate schools and resolved to have themselves expelled. So intent was Gail in trying to get out of Northmead that she didn’t stop to ask herself if, perhaps, she might be enjoying it just a little, and it took the unexpected wisdom of Michael’s odd friend A J Wotherspoon to convince her how foolish she was.

Kay Walley has written our introduction, and we shall also be including a short story by Jane Shaw. ‘Jumble Sale’.

Northmead Nuisance will be published between July and August 2024. It is in the queue to be typeset. 



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