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La R 02 A Head Girl’s Difficulties by Elinor Brent-Dyer


La Rochelle 02

First published in 1923, A Head Girl’s Difficulties was published by FOCS in 2000, and then by GGBP in 2008. We republish it again, due to demand.

   The head girl in question is Rosamund Atherton who does not want the job but agrees because the headmistress is ill. Problems such as sentimentality are dealt with brilliantly, as is the cheek of some of the juniors.

   Rosamund goes on to marry Nigel Willoughby (of Seven Scamps fame) and they become parents of Chalet School pupils Blossom and Judy Willoughby.

   Helen Barber is writing our new short story for this title.

A Head Girl’s Difficulties will be published between July and August 2024.




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Helen Barber, Elinor Brent-Dyer