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LH SW 4 Masquerade at the Wells by Lorna Hill


Sadler’s Wells No 4

Although  published as the third title in the series, Masquerade is actually the fourth. This is the first time we have published it.

   When Jane Foster was twelve, her parents decided that although they wanted her to become a veterinary surgeon when she grew up, it might be good for her to have lessons in dancing. Then Mariella, Jane’s cousin, arrived to spend a holiday at Jane’s lovely country home.

   Mariella, daughter of a prima ballerina, was expected to follow her mother’s footprints, but the horses and dogs and outdoor life that Jane was made to live attracted her far more than the footlights at Covent Garden.

   The two girls decided on a daring plan – Jane would masquerade as Mariella at an audition for the Sadler’s Wells Ballet School. Jane was a born dancer and wanted nothing more than to make the Ballet her career, but it was not without misgivings that she undertook her share in the plot …

Katherine Bunting has written the introduction, looking at this title in comparison with other Lorna Hill books.

Masquerade at the Wells was published on 31 October 2023.


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