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Amy Fletcher

Amy was born and brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She still lives there with Spice, her long-haired dachshund, who doesn’t really approve of writing, though at least she has stopped being jealous of the laptop!

Her first Chalet book, acquired when she was about ten, was Jo of.  She still reads them constantly, working her way through the series in order, including every fill-in. At bedtime she needs to read something that is well written, familiar, and turns out well in the end, and her Chalet books fill that slot admirably well. Her younger brother shared her enthusiasm, and eventually gave her FOCS membership for a birthday present, (around the year 2000) and a copy of New Beginnings by Heather Paisley Anticipating a period of relative inactivity following a planned hip resurfacing in 2008, she thought she would have a go at a Chalet fill-in and Sisters was the result. She found the writing process so addictive that she could not stop, and the wrote Refuge! Still addicted, she wrote most of Guernsey Girl during the pandemic.

Amy has written an incredibly moving short story, ‘Margot’s Journey’, for The Chalet School and the Island and ‘Summer Holiday’ for Stepsisters for Lorna. Her latest book, Lorna’s Last Year at Wynyards brings Elinor Brent-Dyer’s Lorna series to its conclusion.